Personal  finance content marketing writing (Web content/reported articles)


6 weird jobs that can help pay down debt From rat catcher to a party princess, these  very odd jobs can earn you extra cash.  (CreditCardGuide.com)


Is your spouse a financial bully? 9 signs your husband or wife might be using money to push you around, and advice from financial psychologists on how to make it stop. (CreditCards.com)


Five people who funded their dreams on credit  A professional mountain biker. A Hollywood movie maker. A perfumer. A vintage arcade game creator. A world traveler.  What do they all have in common? Each had a dream but was broke. Here’s how they used credit to achieve their goals, then paid off the debt. (CreditCards.com)


Travel hacking 101 Blogger Clint Johnston of Triphackr.com has used “travel hacking” to  go to more than 50 countries: he’s played polo in Argentina, met a Voodoo doctor in Haiti and snapped photos of lions in Tanzania. Here’s how he did it and how you can too, if you dare.


Doored! When a cyclist gets “doored,” whose fault is it? Whose insurance pays? (InsWeb)


A roadmap to roadside assistance coverage. What to  know before you get stranded by the side of the road. (InsuranceQuotes.com)


Small business content marketing writing (Web content/reported articles)

Does swiping your business debit card expose you to the risk of fraud? Small business owner Christie Summervill used her business debit card to pay for everything from plane tickets to paper clips. Then a fraudster stole over $15,000 from her bank account. Here’s how to prevent it from happening to you. (CreditCardGuide.com)


Consumer health & safety content marketing writing (Web content/reported articles)

When it doubt, don’t toss it out. Here’s how to safely get rid of hazardous items like antifreeze, broken glass, insulin needles, fluorescent light bulbs, paint and smoke alarms. (SafeBee.com slideshow)


Legal content marketing writing (Magazine article/attorney profile)

Esquire, M.D. As an attorney and a medical doctor, Samuel Cullan knows how to explain medicine to juries (Super Lawyers)


Trade magazine writing (How-to articles for small business owners and retailers)

Tapping Into Buy Local — Article on how retailers can tap into the “buy local” movement (Pet Age)

Savings by the Load — Article on how hotel owner/operators can save money with towel reuse programs (Hotel & Motel Management)

Is Online Shopping for Your Store? — Article for natural foods retailers on the pros and cons of offering online shopping (The Natural Foods Merchandiser)


Health content marketing writing (Patient profile for hospital magazine)

Double Transplant — Newsletter article on rare double transplant for Mid America Heart Institute



Web copy for C2 Eventz, an Atlanta destination management company