Want a freelance writer who makes your life easier? A writer who comes up with creative ideas, does thorough research and reporting and turns in crisp content on time? That’s me.

Here are my strengths and (most important) how they can help you:

  • Fresh ideas. Do you need new ideas for content? Let me know. I listen to find out exactly what you’re looking for, then I deliver it. My on-point ideas will make you look good.
  • Strong reporting skills. From initial research to interviews with sources, my reporting is top-notch. I ask the right questions to learn the nuances of my subject and coax out the details that make the story.
  • A sense of story. I have a background in narrative journalism. So, no matter what I’m writing, I see the story. We humans are naturally drawn to stories. A good story can be 5,000 words or one sentence long.
  • Good writing. I know that good writing is rewriting. I spend time rewriting my pieces to make them just right. So when they get to you, you have less to do.
  • Professionalism. I meet deadline. I handle feedback gracefully. I honor commitments. I do everything I can to make your life easier.

Maybe this is why I rarely do a one-off assignment. Most of my work leads to ongoing relationships that last for years.